Instagram’s latest update brought with it a couple of new features that makes the app feel like Snapchat-lite. That being said, one privacy feature in particular would prove to be useful as Instagram now alerts you to someone taking a of screenshot of your temporary direct messages.

From this point forward, should someone decide to take a screenshot of a temporary direct message sent through Instagram Direct, the app would automatically send a notification to your smart device of choice notifying you of said action. This notification feature only applies to temporary direct messages sent through Instagram Direct, so if you were to take screenshots of other parts of Instagram, the Instagram user would be none the wiser.

There are ways to circumvent this system of course, like the old-fashioned taking-a-picture-of-the-screen-with-your-camera method. Nevertheless, this feature would be useful for those who would like to know if their private conversations are being saved. 

Source: The Next Web, The Verge

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