Would you still get your hands on music devices such as Apple’s iPods? How about a Walkman from Sony? If you happen to be fan of Final Fantasy? Or better yet, if you are dying for the release of Final Fantasy XV, then this limited edition Walkman might just be what you’re looking for. Sony has launched a limited edition Final Fantasy XV Walkman in conjunction with the release of the famous RPG gaming title on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

The Final Fantasy XV Walkman comes with the “XV” roman numerals engraved on the rear panel of the device, plus four Final Fantasy characters right above the Walkman logo. The Walkman isn’t the only product to be featured by Sony in conjunction with the Final Fantasy XV release. The Japanese company has also introduced a limited edition MDR-100A headphones, plus an SRS-HG1 Bluetooth speaker to complete the whole audiophile and Final Fantasy fanboy package together. 

The Walkman carries a price tag of 33,880 yen (RM1,344.49), while the MDR-100A headphones and SRS-HG1 will cost 24,380 yen (RM967.49) and 29,380 yen (RM1,165.91) respectively. Final Fantasy XV, which is reported to have went through a whopping ten years of development in total, will finally see a release tomorrow on November 29th, pushed back from the initial September 30th release date. Are you excited for Final Fantasy XV?

Source: Sony


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