What comes next after dual-lens cameras on a smartphone? If you asked either LG or Apple, both companies would say 3D cameras. In a report by The Korea Economic Daily, it appears that Apple and LG have entered a collaboration that would see both companies attempt to develop a smaartphone camera module that enables 3D photography.

According to sources close to the situation, Apple is currently studying how to apply its 3D camera technology into LG Innotek’s smartphone camera. “Since LG Innotek also has its own 3D camera and related technologies, such joint efforts will likely to bear fruit sometime within the next year,” says the sources.

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Assuming that Apple and LG manages to come up with a breakthrough within the next few months, it is possible that a 3D camera could be implemented into the next iPhone. Currently, the iPhone 7 Plus has already used LG’s dual-cam solution for its Portrait Mode. Only time will tell if the collaboration will lead to an interesting development in smartphone photography technology.

Source: The Korea Economic Daily, 9to5Mac


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