Concept products by creative artists are often fascinating to look at, just to dream a little. This new concept by ConceptsiPhone is apparently a mash up between an iPad and a Macbook. ConceptsiPhone calls it the Apple Book, whose name is rather uncreative. With the likes of the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, it is safe to say that the Apple Book is highly unlikely, As much as the Apple Book may seem like an impossible product, it is still worth discovering.

This is what you might be getting if you combine a Macbook with an iPad 1

Based on the image above, and the concept render video which can be seen below, the Apple Book can seem like a Microsoft Surface inspired product. The display is being rested on what looks like a really beefy portable keyboard, possibly the same thickness as a previous generation Macbook Pro. The display itself consists of black borders like those you would see on a Macbook, but based on the concept should be removable in tablet form and touch screen friendly. 

One thing that is noticeably missing is Apple’s renowned trackpad. One would think that with a touch sensitive display, a trackpad will be unnecessary, but a trackpad would come in handy if you prefer not to use the Apple Book as a tablet. The Apple Book features two USB Type C ports, and a surprising appearance of a 3.5mm headphone jack, with no Lightning port in sight. The Apple Book concept seems to run on a full fledged macOS instead of iOS, hence it should be capable of the tasks that Macbook’s are capable of. 

Finally, do bear in mind that this is only a concept and not a real Apple product, if not obvious enough. With the existence of the iPad Pro and the company’s new Touch Bar Macbook Pro’s, a product like the Apple Book won’t likely be in Apple’s plans for the next few years to say the least. What do you think?

Source: YouTube

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