In celebration of Thanksgiving, Niantic has decided to give the Pokémon Go community a boost in the game as the company has launched its Thanksgiving event.

Starting from today until the 30th of November, all Pokémon Go trainers will be able to receive double XP and Stardust when they catch a Pokémon or do other activities that net them either XP or Stardust.

Besides more XP and Stardust, Niantic will also be rolling out some balance changes to the game which result in Pokémons getting reduced or increased CP. So far, Niantic has confirmed that Alakazam, Rhydon and Gengar will have their CP increased, making them more useful for Gym battles. Niantic has also said that the game will continue to be balanced, so do expect more Pokémons to have their CPs modified over time.

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Finally, Ditto the transforming Pokémon has finally been added to the game, although you’ll mostly encounter it in a transformed state. The only way you’ll know if the Pokémon in question is a Ditto is to catch it. This means that you’ll now have a reason to catch every Pokémon you encounter instead of skipping the ones that you’ve already caught.

Source: Pokémon Go, TechCrunch