CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) is just a little over a month from now, and many tech fans worldwide will be expecting a fresh new line of products from the sea of companies that will be showcasing their stuff at Las Vegas next year. The highly anticipated annual event will be having the presence of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi this coming January 5th.

Xiaomi has managed to wow fans and tech experts worldwide with the launch and release of its concept smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi MIX, a spec-ed out 6.4-inch phablet which sports an attractive design plus an edgeless display. According to a press release by Xiaomi, the company will be announcing a new product which will show how it is “pushing the boundaries of innovation”. In the same press release, Xiaomi claims to believe in the philosophy whereby high quality products with cutting edge technology should be made widely accesible. 

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While Xiaomi hasn’t begun expanding to the west end of the world in the US, the company has plans to do so and is already in the midst of conducting the required tests before pushing its devices on an official basis to the US. With a CES debut, chances are that we will be seeing a US expansion pretty soon. Nevertheless, there are little to know clues as to what will the company be showcasing during the convention. Rumors have emerged regarding a Mi MIX Nano, a compact version of the Mi MIX itself,  but we can’t be certain for sure. Are you excited for CES 2017?

Source: CES