Want to ride an Uber but you don’t have a credit card or debit card? You may not have to worry about that as Uber has launched a digital gift card system in the U.S..

Those of you who have used gift cards would know how the system works. You get a card, you top up your Uber account, and you can begin using the service until your balance runs out. The digital gift card is no different, except for the fact that you can get it online instead of retail stores. Currently available only in the U.S., Uber’s digital gift card comes in USD25, USD50, USD100 and USD200 denominations. 

Uber’s digital gift cards can be bought as either a single unit or in bulk, although buying in bulk is done under the Uber Business-line of service. Once you selected a card, feel in the receipient’s details, and the gift card will be sent directly to their e-mail’s inbox. Uber’s digital gift card can be used not only on Uber rides, but on other Uber services like UberEATS as well. 

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As mentioned earlier, this digital gift card system is currently available only in the U.S.. However, seeing as Uber has extended its presence to cover countries outside of the States, it is probably safe to say that it is only a matter of time until the system extends to other countries as well.

Source: Uber