4K movies haven’t gotten the official kickstart on Google Play Movies, but there seems to be a number of movies in 4K available to be appreciated on Google’s movie streaming platform. The company has announced not too long ago during the launch of the Pixel series that 4K movies will be making their way to Google Play Movies, and it seems like these 4K movies have been silently launched, or will there not be an official rollout of 4K movies on Google Play Movies?

Several Reddit users have spotted 4K content on Google Play Movies, but only just a handful of them. According to a post on Reddit, movies like Zoolander, This is The End, Star Trek and the Fifth Element are available in crispy clear 4K resolution, although not all of them are able to be purchased. It appears that the rollout might seem more like a mistake than a silent rollout, since typical Google will make things official before they go official.

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Having said that, a November launch of 4K movies on Google Play Movies have been expected, and we’re definitely not very far from the Christmas month. Users who have managed to view 4K content on Google Play Movies happen to be the handful of lucky ones, as a Redditor has contacted Google regarding the discovery and has been told that 4K movies aren’t official just yet. Guess we still have to be patient for now. What do you think?

Source: Reddit