Nearly two days back, OnePlus has announced the successor of its current OnePlus 3 flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3T. The announcement caused mixed feelings among fans and consumers, from disappointed new OnePlus 3 owners to relieved potential OnePlus 3 buyers. However, it is uncertain whether or not OnePlus will carry on manufacturing the older OnePlus 3 to be sold. A new development finally tells us the verdict of this whole uncertainty.

The folks at Android Authority reached out to OnePlus regarding the company’s fateful decision for the OnePlus 3. As it turns out, OnePlus has officially discontinued the sale of its 6 month old flagship in both the US and Europe to make way for the OnePlus 3T. According to Android Authority, OnePlus has stated that it won’t be selling the OnePlus 3 anymore, despite recent rumors suggesting that the company will restock the phone after it was said to run out of stock last week. 

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The OnePlus 3 sports a new Gun Metal Dark Gray color, replacing the Graphite variant of the OnePlus 3. It features a newer Snapdragon 821 processor, a slightly improved EIS on its rear camera, a better 16MP sensor on the front, and a larger 3,400mAh battery. The handset still has the exact same dimensions and weight from the OnePlus 3. It is also slightly more costly than the OnePlus 3, starting at $439 (RM1,927.32) for the 64GB model and $479 (RM2,102.93). 

Nevertheless, the OnePlus 3 is still available at local shores via online stores such as Lazada, and us Malaysians will have to wait a tad longer for the OnePlus 3T, if OnePlus ever decides to launch the handset here. What do you think?

Source: Android Authority

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