Got a lot of time to kill in the office and you have nothing urgent to do? How about a game of Pictionary with Google’s own A.I.?

It appears that Google has came up with a new way to train its A.I., and that method is through the power of doodles. Available now on your browser of choice, Quick, Draw! is a simple game that asks you to draw a picture of a provided subject. On the other side, Google’s A.I. will attempt to guess what it is that you’re drawing.

Fun though it may be, Google is also using Quick, Draw! as a tool to help its A.I. recognize doodles and other poorly drawn images. This experiment is said to help Google’s A.I. in the long run. 

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Whether or not Quick, Draw! will benefit Google’s A.I. in any way remains to be seen. In the meantime, it is a great time waster for those who wants to play a game of Pictionary minus the shame of having your “drawings” judged by your friends.

Source: Quick, Draw!