Ever wanted a VR headset that you can use without running the risk of tripping over wires? Well, the HTC Vive may soon be able to do that as an upcoming accessory for the headset will allow it to function wirelessly.

Made by a Chinese company called TPCAST, this accessory will clip onto the HTC Vive. Once clipped on, the HTC Vive would be able to function completely wirelessly from its host PC. The product’s webpage states that it is based on 60GHz wireless technology and claims that it has a 15ms latency. The accessory itself will also come with a battery connector, with the biggest battery capable of powering the accessory for roughly two to five hours of usage in a single charge.

According to HTC’s China Regional President of the Vive division, Alvin Wang Graylin, this accessory will allow the HTC Vive to function wirelessly without any “noticeable difference in the wired vs wireless performance.” Of course, whether or not the accessory manages to live up to expectations remains to be seen.

For those who are intrigued by this accessory, you’re going to have to wait a while as the initial pre-orders for it have been completely sold out within minutes. Graylin has since tweeted that the company will be seeing a new round of pre-orders for the TPCAST wireless Vive kit soon, and that it “should make global orders easier.”

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Source: Road to VR, Engadget


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