Even though DJI’s Mavic Pro has been the spotlight in recent times, the company has now announced a new member to its professional Matrice hexacopter family, the new DJI Matrice 600 Pro (M600 Pro) offers improved flight performance all thanks to a more powerful battery charging and it is able to carry a payload of up to 6KG, which technically means you could easily carry a range of cameras from Micro Four Thirds systems to the RED EPIC, the M600 Pro is also compatible with DJI’s Zenmuse camera series, the Ronin-MX gimbal and DJI Focus.

The M600 Pro isn’t just more powerful and capable, as it comes equipped with the A3 Pro flight controller, there’s triple modular redundancy and diagnostic algorithms that compare sensor data from three sets of GNSS units, this enhances precision contol while improving overall safety. In addition, vibration damping balls have been added to the flight controller’s redundant IMU module and main controller, absorbing more shake and reducing more noise. The A3 Pro is also able to withstand magnetic interference and provides centimeter-level accuracy, making it very suitable for industrial applications such as the case of construction projects.

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A similar concept to the Mavic Pro, the M600 Pro has been optimized for transportation and comes with preinstalled arms and antennas, it is smaller than the standard M600 when folded, the M600 Pro also comes with an updated battery charging hub which enables users to charge the six intelligent batteries at the same time, effectively reducing overall charging time, battery life of the M600 pro is rated at 32 minutes without payload and 16 minutes with a 6KG payload if used with six TB47S batteries. For more information, head on over to http://www.dji.com/matrice600-pro/.