MaxisONE users listen up, Maxis has announced that between November 15 to 19, all existing and new MaxisONE subscribers will be upgrade with two times more data with no changes in price, it is also good to note that the current base data has been increased with 5GB more data as well, users will get up to 50GB of monthly quota after this is implemented, which makes Maxis the current telco that offers the most data quota at this point of time, if you don’t take Webe’s unlimited plan into consideration. Sounds good right? Here’s the catch, the total quota is now being divided into all day and 4G weekend data.

Users will still get to use their currently allocated data as usual, be it on 3G or 4G at anytime, the additional quota given by Maxis can only be utilized during the weekend and is limited to 4G connection, hence if you happen to be in a 3G or 2G coverage area, you will still be using your all day data quota. However, considering the fact that Maxis’ 4G coverage is pretty decent, you’ll most probably get to use that additional data quota, hence it isn’t too bad at all.

As for business users, Maxis has intended to offer similar upgrades to MaxisONE Business and FlexiShare plans in time to come, for more info, head on over to for more details.


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