Last week, Google revealed to the world an exploit in Windows, much to Microsoft’s chagrin. Today, Microsoft has kept its promise as the company released a patch that would fix this particular security flaw.

Microsoft patches Windows security flaw that was first discovered by Google 2

Previously, the security flaw allows hacker groups to conduct low-intensity but targeted phishing campaigns through it. With the patch now out, Microsoft is saying that this exploit will no longer work. This patch should be downloaded and installed by anyone who isn’t currently on Windows 10 Anniversary, where the flaw has supposedly been fixed. Additionally, users should also make sure that their browsers are up to date, as earlier reports suggest that an out of date browser is one of the key factors that allows malicious parties to exploit the flaw in the first place.

While Microsoft has made good on its word to deliver a patch within a week after the exploit was first revealed by Google, Microsoft may still be a tad bit furious with Google’s decision to go public, claiming that it would “put customers at potential risk.” With the patch now deployed, let’s hope that any further security exploits can be dealt with without going public yet again.

Source: ZDNet

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