November 7th is known to Mass Effect fans as N7 day, and in order to celebrate that occasion, EA has released two new trailers about the next game in the Mass Effect series, titled Andromeda.

The two trailers surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda is drastically different. The first trailer is an official cinematic reveal trailer that shows off some of the characters, settings and planets that the player will be visiting in the game. The second trailer continues on the whole “exploration” style narrative that Bioware has been teasing for a while now, giving Andromeda a sort of timeline as to when the game takes place. Judging from the trailers, Andromeda’s central characters will be unaffected by Mass Effect 3’s controversial endings, which is probably a wise decision.

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Both trailers did not reveal too much specific information about the game proper, but it does give Mass Effect: Andromeda a launch date of Spring 2017. This pretty much confirms an earlier leak that Mass Effect: Andromeda will launch in March 2017, but as EA has stated that it is ready to delay the game by up to five months, things can change at the last minute.

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