After months of teasing the character via a series of alternate reality games (ARG), Blizzard has finally announced the next character that will be joining the Overwatch cast, Sombra.

Officially unveiled at Blizzcon, Sombra will be an offensive character whose entire skillset is meant to disrupt other characters. Her main weapon is a 60-round machine pistol that tears her foes apart at medium range. Her main ability is hacking, which allows her to disable her foes’ skills, or affect in-game items such as causing medkits to be unobtainable by the opposing team.

Her second skill allows her to cloak herself, making her invisible and boosting her movespeed. The cloaking effect stops when she’s damaged, firing a weapon, using a skill, or if the cloak meter runs out. This skill will be familiar to those who’ve used the Spy class in Team Fortress 2. Her third skill tosses out a Translocator beacon, allowing her to warp back to the beacon anytime she wishes, making it an emergency exit of sorts for her.

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Finally, her ultimate skill is an Area of Effect EMP Blast that would disable the skills and abilities of everyone on the opposing team that was hit by it. Sombra is scheduled to go live in Overwatch’s Public Test Realms server next week, allowing players to test out the character herself while Blizzard slowly fine tunes the character.