If you’ve ever been to an arcade, chances are good that you’ll seen a Daytona USA cabinet in said arcade. 18 years after Daytona USA 2 was released, Sega is gearing up to bring back the franchise, as the company has announced that they will be showing off Daytona 3 Championship USA on the 15th to 18th of November at the IAAPA event in Orlando.

The revival of the Daytona USA franchise will come with huge changes of course, as Sega revealed that Daytone 3 Championship USA cabinet will come with a 47″ monitor. Much like its predecessors, the game will support up to eight player linked play and a live in-game camera system. For the spectators, Daytona 3 will come with a “Live TV” inspired spectator video billboard marquee with a 27″ display, meaning you’ll no longer need to look over the player’s shoulders to see what’s happening during a race.

As for gameplay, Daytona 3 Championship USA will be remastering the original Beginner, Advanced and Expert courses as well as introducing three brand new tracks. The game will also introduce new cars and new game modes with it. 

Source: Seganerds



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