We have seen things like virtual reality, which already gives you an immersive feeling that you are in another world, however in today’s event, I was literally mind fucked by this mixed reality product called Kissenger. As the name suggests, it is technically a Kiss + Messenger device that allows you to send kisses over to another similar device, its inventor Professor Adrian David Cheok was present at Digi’s Digital Day to tell us what this device is actually for.

Kissenger is made for those who wants to be able to kiss their partners when they are away from each other, you slot your smartphone into the device like a dock, use the app and connect to the user that you want, start pushing your lips onto the rubber lips that’s on the device itself, it will then transmit a virtual kiss via its hi-fidelity physical interface, which is as real as a real kiss. While this gadget is kind of useful for those who have long distance relationships, it feels rather sad when you really need this to maintain your relationship goals.

Here’s a video on how it works, its an amazing yet sad product to have for couples, however would you want one if it becomes commercially available? Let us know in the comments.