Digi had a big day in its D’House today, as the company celebrates its first ever Digital Day by showcasing various digital products and solutions from its partners. From online services to IoT products, Digi hopes to be able to power them with its 4G LTE network and become its customers’ favorite partner in their digital lives by year 2020.

The event showcased an array of technologies in the fields of financial services, IoT, virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, nanotechnology, bone-conduction technology, and other cool projects. Attendees were also inspired by some eye-opening speaking sessions from the following experts: Engineer Mohd Izmir Yamin on developing low-cost robotics to explore the moon, Adrian David Cheok, Director of the Imagineering Institute on tricking your tastebuds to make vegetables taste like chocolate, Founder of Incitement Mohd Zikry Kholil on mobilising social movements with digital crowdfunding, Social entrepreneur Dr Rajiv Bhanot on easy access to clean water for rural areas with nanotechnology.

Among others, Digital Day showcased the company’s MyDigi app, which it said will be key to its customers’ digital journey moving forward, its Mobile Sales Agent app, a new retail concept which it will rollout nationwide, 57 square and recent investments in startups such as LocalUsher and Vase, new digital learning platforms to build new skills for its employees, and refreshed Digi headquarters that supports the culture of everyday innovation.

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In addition, Digi has been the leading telco to be working with GreenTech Malaysia, the company that is responsible for bringing in Tesla cars, to provide Machine to Machine connectivity for the first batch of Teslas. Digi CEO Albern Murty mentions that the company is definitely seeking and open for opportunities to work with other car makers in providing this service.

“We believe we are well positioned to serve our customers and seize growth opportunities in the digital space, leveraging the strength of our core to move into new verticals such as financial services and IoT, and Telenor’s global innovation network with acquisitions such as New York-based Ad Tech company Tapad, and licensed money services business Prabhu in Malaysia,” quoted Digi CEO Albern Murty

To find out more Digi’s digital services, head on over to www.digi.my