When it comes to online shopping, despite having the avenues available to shop online, many of us still envy over the fact that our relatives on the other side of the world have the privilege of shopping at Amazon.com. The American e-commerce giant is the largest Internet retailer in terms of its sales, and some reports claim that Amazon will be heading over to our region some time in the near future. 

According to Singapore news outlet The Straits Times, online retailer Amazon has plans to enter the South East Asian region, via our neighbors Singapore. The company is said to be in the midst of hiring employees in Singapore, along with some purchase of assets. The report further states that the Amazon Prime service might be arriving in the country as soon as early 2017, including AmazonFresh – the company’s grocery delivery service. 

The Amazon Prime service would mean that users in the SEA region would be able to enjoy Prime features when they sign up for the Prime membership. The perks and features include fast free shipping for Prime eligible items, exclusive access to Amazon’s library of movies, TV shows, ad-free music and Kindle books. If the said report turns out to be true, we might be looking at a tough contest over here at South East Asia.

Lazada is Asia’s largest e-commerce player and the Singapore owned online retailer has pretty much dominated the online market in the South East Asian region. If Amazon arrives to SEA, it is expected to put up a tough fight against the already established Lazada. Having said that, we do hope that Amazon won’t be limited to only Singapore when it arrives. What do you think?

Source: The Straits Times

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