Apple’s iPhones have been using LCD displays since forever. This year’s iPhone 7 series feature brighter displays with a wider and more accurate color gamut, but the company still held on to LCD display technology instead of OLED displays, which are considered as a better option. OLED displays are being put onto smartphones more than ever before, with companies such as Samsung being known to adopt OLED displays for their handsets for several years now. According to a representative from Sharp, Apple will finally be moving over to OLED displays for its next generation of iPhones.

Sharp’s President Tai Jeng-wu has claimed that Cupertino giant Apple will switch over to OLED panels, according to a report by Nikkei. OLED displays tend to triumph over LCD ones because of their brighter and more vibrant colors, not forgetting that OLED’s happen to be more power efficient as well. Tai has stated that Apple will eventually have to walk down the OLED choice of path for innovation’s sake.

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Having said that, an OLED iPhone next year has already been rumored for a while now. Given the fact that Apple will be celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary next year, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the company goes all out with a bang when it launches the next generation of iPhones. On top of having an OLED display, some speculate that the next iPhone would feature an all glass build. 

According to the same report by Nikkei, the OLED display will only make an appearance in the bigger 5.5-inch Plus model of the iPhone instead of its smaller sibling. What do you think of Apple’s possible shift to finally use OLED displays?

Source: Nikkei