EA is in the center of yet another controversy as it appears that the game publishing company has temporarily blocked access to its Origin service to gamers living in Myanmar.

This issue was first brought to light in a reddit post, whereby a redditor mentioned that he was unable to access Origin and his library of games. Upon enquiring as to what is happening, a volunteer who helps with EA’s Answers HQ replied that Myanmar has been denied access to the Origin service due to sanctions placed on the country by the U.S. government.

Unfortunately, the answer provided by EA makes little sense as gamers in Myanmar have been able to use and purchase games off the service for years despite the sanctions. Furthermore, these sanctions have been lifted since the 7th of October, making the ban even weirder. 

Perhaps sensing the imminent backlash against the company, an EA Community Manager has responded, mentioning that the company is working to restore access to Origin for its Myanmar customers. 

Source: Reddit, EA Answers


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