Leaks over the past few weeks have pretty much confirmed that Microsoft will be revealing a new All-in-One called Surface Studio. Today, we finally get to see the device in action, and we can safely say that it is a thing of beauty.

There are two key selling points when it comes to the Surface Studio – the screen, and the specifications. For the screen of the Surface Studio, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops. For starters, the Surface Studio’s screen is a 28″ Pixelsense display that has a thickness of just 12.5 mm. The hinges that are attached to the screen allows the user to slide the screen up and down, and it can be pushed down to such a degree that it is nearly laying flat on the surface it stands on.

The actual display itself is really impressive as well, as it comes with 13.5 million pixels. The amount of pixels this display has means that it is 63% denser than a standard 4K screen. The display comes with TrueColor technology for better colour reproduction, and users can toggle freely toggle between DCI-P3 mode or sRGB mode via Windows 10. The screen will also come with an integrated 2.1 speaker system, a 10MP rear facing camera, a Windows Hello-ready 5MP front facing camera, and a mic array for use with Cortana.

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In terms of specifications, the Surface Studio will come packed with a quad-core Skylake CPU, 32GB of RAM, 2TB of storage, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M. All of the components are housed in the white box located below the screen with only a single cable protruding outwards.

For peripherals, the Surface Studio will support the Surface Pen, Surface Mouse and Surface Keyboard. In addition to that, the Surface Studio will come with an additional peripheral in the form of the Surface Dial. By placing the Surface Dial on the screen, users can manipulate selections like colours and filters in graphics design apps. If the Surface Dial isn’t place on the screen, pushing down on the Surface Dial will bring up a wheel menu that gives the users various choices to manipulate what’s happening on screen.

If the Surface Studio interests you, be prepared to pay top dollar for it as the device will have an asking price of USD2,999 (USD12,463). Microsoft will begin accepting pre-orders for the Surface Studio tomorrow.