The wait is finally over. After months of leaks, we finally have a trailer that shows of the console-formerly-known-as-NX, and it is called the Nintendo Switch.

Judging from the trailer itself, it appears that the Nintendo Switch will be a console-portable hybrid. The actual machine itself appears to be a portable machine, using Nintendo DS-like cartridges for its games.

For the console part of things, the Nintendo Switch comes with a TV dock, allowing you to dock the portable into place, after which the dock will transmit the game to the TV seemingly wirelessly.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the Nintendo Switch has to do with the controller. The main controller that will come with the Switch appears to be a central control hub that is flanked by two control modules. The modules themselves comes with an analog stick and four face buttons. These modules can be detached from the control hub and attached to the Switch itself, allowing you to treat the machine as a portable gaming console.

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You don’t necessary need to attach the controllers to either the console or the control hub either as it is wireless, allowing you to use both controls in a Wii Nunchuck-line configuration, or as two seperate controllers for multiplayer games.

For those who prefer a more traditional gaming experience, the Nintendo Switch will also come with a standard game controller as well.

A specification list for the Nintendo Switch has yet to be revealed, but Nvidia has handily announced that Nintendo’s latest console will come with a custom Tegra processor. As for the games, Nintendo has published a list of game developers and publishers that will be supplying the Switch with third-party titles.

The Nintendo Switch will be hitting store shelves some time in March 2017, giving you enough time to save up for the console.