As much as we like to speed with our ride, we always need to ensure that our tyres can handle that adrenaline, which is why Michellin has introduced the new Pilot Sport 4 tyre, designed to meet the highest expectations of drivers by increasing every aspect of performance so that you’ll feel confident and safe while driving really fast, but still we would urge everyone to drive safe on the road.

Michelin launches the new and improved Pilot Sport 4 tyres 1

The Pilot Sport 4 tyre is the first to feature the company’s Dynamic Response technoogy, which consists of a belt with hybrid aramid and nylon reinforcement that allows the tyre to withstand centrifugal forces and maintain contact patch stability at very high speeds. Furthermore, the Pilot Sport 4 aims to deliver better dry handling performance as its tread pattern is inspired by Formula E racing tyres, a new-generation functional elastomers and silica hydrophobic were added to the tyre rubber compound in order to incrase braking efficiency and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Last but not the least, the tyre’s outer sidewall design features a premium ‘velvet look’ that was first used back in the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre.

Michelin launches the new and improved Pilot Sport 4 tyres 2

In terms of availability, Michelin has begin selling the Pilot Sport 4 in 23 sizes from 16 to 19 inches with a starting price of RM481, do check out with your workshop about it for more details about specific pricing for your car.


  1. Is it worth buying this type of Michelin tyre? My father is looking for new set of tyres for his car so I’m helping him to ask around as usually it is the dealer who would recommend him what tyre to buy but since we had moved to other places to live so have to look around on our own for now.

    • Err from I had read from the article I think it is quite nice of a tyre loh as when looking for tyres the main thing that we will look at first is its handling performance since we would want our vehicle to be able to stop down completely in a nick of time. But in terms of price it is quite… hmm…

      • Well for this kind of high performance tyre the price range is usually around that loh. You want something good then you have to pay the price for it, that’s how business works. But if want something cheaper then maybe can look for other brands but then the performance sure will differ also.

      • quite expensive right? i think conti price is still affordable if compare to others premium brand but the conti quality is as gd as others premium brands.

      • Well from my experience Continential tyres ARE bad. Why? Because the tyres are not long lasting enough. Even just after a few months you can start to see the pattern on the tyres start to wear out already although I had not been driving my car for a long distance everyday.

        • True true. On top of that I think the grip under wet conditions is not really that strong as seen in advertisement for the UC6 tyres. Its so hard to feel my car slowing down and I even have to step my brake down to the fullest before stopping completely after a few seconds. You can feel what a shock that I had that time.

        • myself using conti uc6 quite a long time but i think is quite gd in braking on wet road, now they have a new model mc6 has both spec on cc6 and uc6, so the performance must be far better than others brand.

        • Hmm, I have been hearing mixed feedbacks regarding this Continential tyres. Some say it is bad but the others say that it is worth using. Then I did some research on my own and think that it is still quite acceptable loh, maybe not as high performance but at the same not the worst also.

      • conti tyres so far the performance is still ok, even though cheaper than others premium brands, but the performance is far better than budget tyre. budget tyres very noise.

        • budget tyres must be more noise than premium tyres like conti, even though budget tyre very low price but our safety is more important, many accidents happen on highway coz of tyres problem. so i rather spend more for premium conti tyres.

          • Yeah true, I would rather spend a bit more to get tyres from trusted brands compared to those cheap economic tyres. At least our safety is more secured which is the most important on the road, our life is definitely worth the price right?

    • what car he driving? i think cpc6 is quite good for mid range car, more comfortable for long distance driving. even though have to do special order but many ppl tends to buy tis becoz of its gd performance and more durable. my uncle also order 4 from jb tyre dealers last week.


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