Having problems with planning your holiday trips? Google wants to assist you with that as the company has completed rollout of its travel suite in Malaysia.

Comprising of Google Destinations, Google Flights, Google Hotels and the Google Trips app, Google’s Travel suite is designed to work with each other. With Google Destinations, users can do a quick Google search about the location they’re hoping to go. Google would then provide information about the location, accompanied by various key locations and activities that one can plan their trip around. It’ll also come with a “Plan A Trip” option that allows users to get an estimated cost that a particular trip may cost.

Google Flights and Hotels will also allow users to track both airfare and hotel prices, informing them of any deals available during their desired travel period.

For those who wish to do their travel planning on a smartphone, the Google Trips app would be a great help. As it is designed to work together with Destinations, Flights and Hotels, Google Trips is capable of putting all the information you need on a single app. Besides planning a trip that suits the user, Google Trips will also provide some information to the user about local customs and etiquettes, giving them a heads up on what is or isn’t acceptable behavior in the country the user is visiting. In the event that the user is going to a location where constant internet connection is impossible, Trips will be able to download and store datapacks for each trip, allowing users to keep track of their travel plans even without an internet connection.

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Google’s travel suite will continue to evolve over time of course, as Google will be adding new features to them in the near future.