Mid-sized sport utility vehicles (SUV) are getting common on the Malaysian roads these days and we all know how hazardous the road conditions can be here, Goodyear has made its timely move to introduce the new Wrangler TripleMax tyres for mid-size SUV owners, which delivers superior braking and wet performance, all thanks to the company’s very own improved Hydrogrip Technology, an innovative functionalized polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding.

Goodyear debuts the Wrangler TripleMax for mid-size SUVs 1

The tread design of the Wrangler TripleMax features large blocks with high number of biting edges and a Wide Face Cavity, it provides increased contact to road and concentrtates pressure distribution on Key Block element during braking, which results in better braking efficiency and grip on wet and dry roads. Lastly, the Wrangler TripleMax helps protect the driver from road hazards by having a rim flange protector, which provides more material on the sidewall to protect the rim and tyre against any road hazards.

Goodyear has started selling the Wrangler TripleMax tyre and will offer sizes from 16-inches to 18-inches, it is currently available in all Goodyear authorised dealerships nationwide, the tyre will be priced from RM443.72 to RM675.22 inclusive of GST, subsequent tyre sizes will be added in the near future. To find out more and where you can purchase these new tyres for your beloved mid-sized SUV, head on over to www.goodyear.com.my


  1. As an owner of Toyota Prado myself I have found out that my stock tyres had been worn out after using them for quite a number of years ever since I purchased the car. Looking for recommendation for any kinds of tyres that I should switch to? Prefer higher performance over cheaper pricetag.

    • Hmm wanna ask what brand of stock tyre that you are using? I’m not so sure about Prado but for my HIlux I have been using the Michelin Latitude Cross ever since its debut and quite satisfied with it but I don’t know is it available for your size or not.

      • Yes it is available for Prado. Quite nice in terms of durability on both normal road and off-road with minimal noise. Just that it can be quite expensive but if price is not your major concern then sure feel free to go for it.

        • I see I see. You mean the Michelin tyre right? Will take a look at my nearby workshop and hope that they have the size available for my car haha and if not then have to look for it at other places liao 🙁

        • michelin tyres far expensive, even though some spec of michelin tyre same with conti but price still consider higher than conti. so i think if want to save cost, then can try conti instead of others brand.

      • cc6 seems quite popular from others model. maybe coz of its price, only a bit higher than those budget tyres, but the quality is far gd from budget tyres. i use that as it suits for long distance driving.

        • If price is your main concern then sure go for it. But if you are looking for extra strong grip or aquaplanning then can’t really expect much loh, you get what you paid for afterall.

      • cc6? From Continential? Been there done that. Cheap price yes, but other than that don’t really recommend it. Sure it is more comfortable but the trade off is that the softer tyre is more vulnerable to getting punctured by sharp objects.

        • so far i use cc6 never been punctured, but they said if the tyre is hard then will be much noise on road right?becoz i think cc6 is superior less noise model.

        • Hmm is Continential that bad? Because I had heard quite some nice reviews from my friends and they don’t really complain much about that.


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