Concepts of flexible phone displays have been out and about for quite some time now, though manufacturers are still working hard behind the scenes to make our wildest dreams come true. The last known flexible display concept was by Lenovo at its Tech World event back in June. The bendable display concept was showcased live, in tablet and in smartphone form factors, wowing the live audience as well as viewers worldwide. This time round, an image has surfaced of a flexible smartphone display concept, said to be made by Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

Leaked onto Chinese site Baidu, the series of images appear to not be of the “dodgy and blur” sort. According to Gizmo China, the display is said to be able to bend in either direction, up, down, left and right. The image quality of the bendable display itself doesn’t seem to disappoint as well. The display shows a fairly sharp image quality with very vivid AMOLED-like colors, with a good amount of saturation.

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Having said that, the leaked images seem pretty real, undoctored and not tampered with, as much as Photoshop does all kinds of wonders nowadays. However, manufacturers will still have to consider the cost and efficiency for the production of flexible displays, hence we don’t think that flexible displays will be making an appearance in the real world for the near future. As always, do take these leaks with a pinch of salt. What do you think?

Source: Gizmo China