Overwatch’s latest patch is taking a page out of Team Fortress 2 as it introduces a bunch of new Halloween-themed character skins, as well as a new PvE mode.

From today until the 1st of November, Overwatch players will be able to earn Halloween-themed lootboxes that brings with it Halloween-themed goodies such as player models, emotes and voice lines.

The update also brings with it “Junkenstein’s Revenge”, a PvE mode that sees four players team up against waves of enemy robots. This mode will be familiar to Team Fortress 2 players who’ve played the Mann vs Machine mode. However, there are a few key differences between “Mann vs Machine” and “Junkenstein’s Revenge”. “Junkenstein’s Revenge” will only support four players, and only four characters (Ana, Hanzo, McCree and Soldier 76) will be available for selection. Like competitive mode, selecting a character in “Junkenstein’s Revenge” would lock the character out, forcing the player to choose another character instead.

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Both the Halloween lootboxes and the “Junkenstein’s Revenge” mode will only be available for a limtied time. Once November 1st arrives, Overwatch will revert back to normal, meaning you’ll need to wait for a year before being able to earning the skins or play the modes associated with it.

Source: Overwatch