Earlier today, Spotify Free users had a nasty surprise as they found out that the ads running on the music streaming service were also silently serving malware onto their computers.

Multiple users have reported that these malware-infested ads were popping up by default across various web browsers. Worse of all, users do not even need to click on said ads to have the malwares infecting their computers. These malware were also indiscriminate in its attempt to infect computers as users have reported that the malware was spotted across Linux, Mac and Windows computers. Whether or not the malware itself is capable of harming all three platforms is a different matter entirely.

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Spotify has since shut down the ads running on Spotify Free. According to the company, this malware issue is an “isolated issue” with “only a small number of users” being affected by it.” Whatever the case, Spotify Free users should just do a quick virus scan just to be cautious.

Source: Spotify Community, The Next Web


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