Are you excited for the ESL One Genting Dota 2 tournament? If you are, you may be interest to know that tickets for the event will be available for purchase starting on the 6th of October.

ESL One Genting tickets will be made available on the 6th of October 1

Much like various other events, the ESL One Genting tickets will be seperated into three tiers, each with its own seating locations inside Genting’s Arena of Stars as well as additional goodies. The most affordable one out of the three tiers is the Regular ticket, which costs RM145 during the pre-early bird sales duration. The tier above Regular is the Plus Ticket, a RM280 ticket that nets your some cool swag alongside entry into the event. Finally, we have the VIP ticket, a RM710 tickets that grants you the best seats in the arena, free drinks, and a ton of goodies to go along with it. All of the tickets above will grant you access to the entire three day tournament.

ESL One Genting tickets will be made available on the 6th of October 2

One thing to note though, is that the ticket prices will change according to the sales phases. On the 6th of October at 5pm, all tickets will be sold at pre-early bird prices as mentioned above. At 5pm on the 21st of October, all ticket prices will increase, with Regular, Plus and VIP tickets costs RM170, RM335, and RM765 respectively. If you’ll yet to buy a ticket on the 18th of November at 5pm, you would then be forced to purchase Regular, Plus, or VIP tickets at RM225, RM390 and RM820 respectively.

For those of you who’ve decided to go to ESL One Genting, you’ll be able to purchase your tickets this Thursday at 5pm onwards. For those who are still on the fence, you might want to decide quickly before the ticket prices go up. 

Source: ESL One Genting

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