Remember when Nintendo announced that it will be releasing the NES Classic? Japan will be getting something different instead as Nintendo has announced the Japan only Famicom Mini.

The Famicom Mini, much like the NES Classic, is a miniature console that comes with 30 games pre-installed on the system. However, unlike the NES Classic, the Famicom Mini will come with two wired controllers instead of a single one like the NES Classic. The games lineup on the Famicom Mini will also be slightly different, with games such as Final Fantasy III not being available on it. But perhaps the most important detail is the fact that the console and its games will be in Japanese, so you’re going to have to understand the language before you’ll be able to navigate the system.

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If you’re still interested in owning the Famicom Mini, the mini console will be available on the 10th of November for JPY5,980.

Source: The Verge