A new Andromeda OS went through the rumor mill all of a sudden, an operating system said to be an initiative to combine Android and Chrome OS into a single hybrid platform. Now we have fresh new rumors regarding the OS, plus the next Pixel laptop to run the said Andromeda OS.

The new laptop is rumored to be launched in Q3 2017. Yes, still around a year to go. The “Pixel 3” (that’s what we’re calling it for now) has a Bison codename internally. As mentioned earlier, it will be running Google’s rumored Andromeda OS. Although Andromeda OS is said to be a Android and Chrome OS hybrid, the platform is said to actually have Chrome OS and its features integrated into Android, the total opposite of ARC for Google’s own Chromebooks, which makes Chromebooks support Android apps. It does sound like a really huge development and effort within Google, hence the reason why we’re not getting any rumors of Google releasing a Pixel Chromebook next week.

Android Police has stressed that the Pixel 3 will be subject to a lot of change and evolution since we’re still very far from the rumored time frame for its launch. But according to the source, The Pixel 3 is said to be sporting a Lenovo Yoga like design, which might make it a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid. It’s screen size will be of 12.3-inches. Underneath the hood, the Pixel 3 is rumored to be powered by an Intel m3 or a Core i5 processor with 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and 32GB or 128GB of onboard storage respectively. Other specs include two USB Type-C ports, a fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers and quad microphones, support for stylus, a backlit keyboard, and a Macbook-esque touch sensitive glass trackpad with haptic feedback. Its battery is slated to last around 10 hours. 

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Pricing for the new Pixel will be a little steep if compared to the Chromebooks of today. The Andromeda OS laptop is expected to carry a price tag of $799 (RM3,300.07), which will place itself in a different budget spectrum. A higher priced Google laptop will bring a whole new different game as opposed to the current affordable Chromebooks by the company. Time will tell if Google will fully embrace Andromeda OS in the future, or will it still continue its development for Chrome OS. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that these are very early rumors, so do take them with a huge grain of salt, or a sack of salt. Let us know your thoughts at the comments section below!

Source: Android Police

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