Xiaomi’s partner Yi Technology, the company responsible for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera and the latest Yi 4K Action Cam, has unveiled its first mirrorless camera. Knowing Xiaomi’s intention of covering all aspects of the tech industry, this new camera isn’t much of a surprise as the company attempts to compete with the big boys yet again.

The camera is known as the Yi M1, has a 3-inch display with a set of buttons for controlling the interface. Yi Technology claims that the interface won’t be alien to non shutter bugs, as the Yi M1’s interface is said to be similar to interfaces of smartphone cameras. The camera sports an M4/3 design, a 20MP Sony IMX269 image sensor, with a maximum ISO of 25,600. Along with that comes the support of RAW images and 4K video capture.

Xiaomi's Yi unveils its first mirrorless camera 1

The Yi M1’s kit lens is a 12-40mm lens with f/3.5-5.6 aperture. There is also a 42.5mm, f/1.8 prime lens available for the camera, if you’re looking for more. The camera is said to be able to sync with smartphones via its Bluetooth and WiFi connections, though we are still unclear as to what kind of extras will that feature bring. But we’re guessing users will be able to transfer media from camera to smartphone, with the possibility of using the smartphone as a remote control and viewfinder for the M1.

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In typical Xiaomi, or in this case, Yi fashion, the Yi M1 comes at and affordable price of 2,199 CNY (RM1,364.24) with the kit lens. A dual lens set which includes the kit lens and the prime lens will set you back 2,999 CNY (RM1,860.55). What do you think?

Source: GizmoChina


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