Roughly half a year ago, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi went to launch the Mi Powerbank Pro, claiming it to have faster charging speeds. The 10,000mAh Mi Powerbank Pro also sports a USB Type-C port instead of a micro USB port. Today, Xiaomi has uploaded a teaser on its Weibo page, which is said to be of a powerbank as well, to be unveiled on September 21 next week.

The teaser image, which has a figure “100” on it, hints at the different USB ports that the new powerbank will be featuring. The “1” resembles a USB 2.0 port, the first “0” a USB Type-C port and the second “0” a micro USB port. And below the “100” reads a Chinese idiom that is an equivalent of “killing two birds with one stone” in English. Based on what we’ve seen, we can expect a new Mi powerbank with the earlier mentioned ports, though we’re not sure whether the the powerbank can be charged via the micro USB and the Type-C port simultaneously.

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When it comes to capacity, it is highly likely that the new Mi powerbank will be packing at least 10,000mAh, considering the fact that the Mi Powerbank Pro features the same capacity, and that the company already has 16,000mAh and 20,000mAh powerbanks. What do you think of the teaser so far?

Source: GizmoChina


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