Modular smartphones are still pretty alien to most consumers, with the LG G5 being the first to experiment with a modular concept. The LG V20 flagship however, didn’t turn out to be modular, to the surprise of many. Lenovo has also started going modular, differing slightly from LG’s concept with the Moto Mods for the company’s Motorola phones. As much as modular handsets have been getting mixed reviews this year, the LG G6 is said to remain modular when it launches next year.

It does seem like going modular is somewhat a way forward for LG, as the company’s global communications manager Ken Hong has claimed that LG will not run away from the modular concept for the its G titled flagship smartphones to come. However, with competition from the likes of the other modular Moto Z phone, plus the dominant Samsung flagship series, LG might face problems in terms of focusing between improving on the modular concept or working solely on what makes a smartphone the best smartphone out there. The V20 is a good example of a non-modular LG flagship alternative, and by the looks of it, LG will probably keep the modular design exclusively for the G series.

Back to LG’s plans to stick with the modular design, the company, plus Lenovo will have to up their game when it comes to the different modules made for their respective handsets. For instance, the Hasselblad camera Moto Mod seems to pale in comparison to the Moto Z’s camera, hence modules will have to be more useful in order to make modular phones worth their while.

Source: CNET


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