With Samsung having to do a global recall of their Note 7 due to reports of the smartphone exploding when its charging, surely the company’s predicament couldn’t get any worse. Well…it just did. Taiwan has just reported its first Note 7 exploding case. However, unlike other Note 7 explosion cases, this one is pretty unique in that it spontaneously combusted without even being charged.

Taiwan reports case of exploding Note 7; phone wasn't charging when it happened 1

In a report by The Oriental Daily, a Taiwanese netizen uploaded photos of her burnt Galaxy Note 7 online. According to the netizen, he mentions that his Note 7 exploded while he was sleeping. Most worryingly, he mentioned that he did not charge the phone as he slept, as the recent news reports about the Note 7 exploding when charged has made him rather uncomfortable doing so without him being able to monitor the phone.

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Should the what the Taiwanese netizen says is true, and that the Note 7 could potentially explode even without being charged, Samsung’s little Note 7 problem has just turned into a rather major disaster. Needless to say, Samsung’s QA department has some serious explaining to do.

Source: The Oriental Daily


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