If you are an avid angler, this gadget will make your favourite hobby a whole lot easier. Anglr is a tracker that captures and records the mechanics of how you fish. It can log entire fishing trips easily; all you need to do is attach this gadget to your rod. The Anglr is sort of like a Fitbit for anglers. It keeps track of every every cast, every catch and helps you understand the patterns of your success. 

The Anglr features catch detection with its auto-detect function and confirms landed fish to pinpoint locations, and log tackle and conditions in its app. The gadget also records your catch count and drop pins on the areas where you’ve caught them with a push of a button. Not only does the Anglr gadget sync all your fishing data to your phone via Bluetooth, you can even analyze, compare and share your experiences with others from the time you start your fishing trip up to the end. 

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The Anglr is designed to fit any rod so you can easily switch around whenever you choose to use a different one. There will also be other enhanced features in the pipeline such as reeling behaviours where you can learn how to succeed for all your terminal tackle, fight time to learn how long each fight takes from setting to landing, and cast direction with built-in compass for precision angling.