Apple has always been the known trend setter, or being capable of revolutionizing a new technology while competitors follow suit. And if removing ports is the way forward, chances are Apple will risk biting the bullet. Rumors have been out in the wild for quite some time now, surrounding the Cupertino giant’s decision to go without a headphone jack in the iPhone 7. While the rumored decision has been getting mixed signals across the tech space, former Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak does not seem to welcoming on the omission of the headphone jack.

According to an interview by The Australian Financial Review, Wozniak stated that the missing headphone jack will frustrate many consumers. He further claimed that the omission would mean that he needs an adapter to connect his own earphones to the iPhone 7, also stating that he prefers wired audio over Bluetooth, in which the ones he uses have custom ear implants, making them comfy to sleep on. Prior to Wozniak’s claim, speculations have arose that Apple is in the midst of rushing out Bluetooth earpods in place of the traditional wired ones.

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The former Apple co-founder has also voiced out his opinions on USB Type-C technology, stating that it could be the future. Wozniak has also named the Nexus 5X by Google as one of his favorite Android phones since it implements a USB Type-C port. Speaking of which, Apple is rumored to be using a magnetic port for the next iPhone instead of a USB Type-C port, which was first introduced via the 12-inch Macbook. 

Despite the “advise” by Steve Wozniak, it will definitely be too late for the folks at Apple to change their mind since the iPhone 7 is slated for an early September unveilling. What do you think of the “no headphone jack” decision by Apple? 

 Source: AFR


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