Today is a big day for both NVIDIA and notebook OEMs, MSI has been fast to introduce its latest series of gaming notebooks powered by NVIDIA’s Pascal based GeForce GTX 10 series GPU, not only these gaming notebooks feature powerful graphics processing power, they are also more efficient than their predcessors and matches the system performance of a common gaming desktop. In addition, MSI has made sure that all of its latest gaming notebooks are VR ready, which is why all the new gaming notebooks have a VR moniker on their product names.

The GT83VR Titan is one of the highlights for today’s announcement, this 18-inch behemoth gaming notebook is now fitted with either dual GTX 1080 SLI or GTX 1070 SLI GPUs, which introduces a significant performance improvement over its predecessor, it is also the only gaming notebook that comes with a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard and a very high end ESS SABRE HiFi DAC that outputs 32bit/384KHz Hi-Res audio. Furthermore, MSI has also improved the GT83’s thermal with its proprietary “Cooler Boost Titan” cooling technology and has even installed an overclockable Core i7-6820HK CPU on the higher specced model of the GT83. The GT83VR retails from RM11,999 up to RM20,999 with GST included.

The mid-range GS73VR, GS63VR and GS43VR have also made its debut here, the GS73VR Stealth is the lightest 17-inch gaming notebook with a 4K display, it measures 19.6mm thin and weighs 2.4kg, which is ridiculously light for a 17-inch gaming notebook, don’t underestimate its computing power though as the GS73 has a Core i7-6700HQ CPU and a GeForce GTX 1060 GPU with 6GB GDDR5 memory onboard, the 15-inch GS63VR shares similar hardware specs except for its Full HD resolution display.

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On the other hand, the GS43VR is the compact solution for on-the-go gamers, measuring 22.1mm and weighing 1.7kg, this 14-inch gaming notebook that has a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU powering its gaming capabilities, it also boasts features unique to MSI gaming notebooks, thing such as a SteelSeries gaming keyboard, SteelSeries Engine 3 software, True Color display technology, ESS SABRE HiFi Audio and Nahimic 2 Audio Enhancer. The GS73VR, GS63VR and GS43VR will retail at RM9,999, RM8,999 and RM7,999 respectively.

Rather than calling the GE series entry-level gaming notebooks, the GE72VR and GE62VR are no slouches when it comes to gaming performance, they are a bit heavier than the GS series however they are still equipped with the same capable GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU with a Core i7-6700HQ CPU, the GE series notebooks also feature MSI technology such as Cooler Boost 4, Killer SHIELD E2400 LAN and Nahimic Audio 2. The GE72VR and GE62VR are priced at RM7,199 and RM6,899 respectively.

MSI’s new gaming notebooks are available now at all authorised resellers, so make sure to check them out. To read more about NVIDIA’s Pascal notebook GPUs, click here.