Monitoring your tire pressure may have just become easier as FOBO has brought its tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), the FOBO Ultra, to Malaysian shores.

The FOBO Ultra is the world’s first wireless TPMS for heavy vehicles, utilising Bluetooth 4.1, its own intelligent in-car monitoring unit, and a qualified Android or iOS smartphone/tablet to get the job done. The FOBO Ultra is able to monitor up to 1296 kPa (188 psi) and is able to alert the driver via the in-car unit or a smart device.

CrossPair technology allows the FOBO Ultra to monitor multiple vehicles on a single device. Furthermore, with FOBOShare, you can authorise multiple users to receive data from both the cloud and the FOBO Ultra sensors directly, all while transmitting live data to the main user. 

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For the enterprise users, the FOBO Ultra comes with FOBOCluster, a feature that monitors multiple trailer configurations through its patent pending FIT Technology. FOBOCluster allows trailers equipped with FOBO Ultra to seamlessly connect and disconnect from different in-car units to form a new chain of clusters with the FIT Technology. For monitoring, the FOBO Ultra also comes with an optional Fleet Management module which allows enterprise users to remotely monitor their fleet, giving them an easy way to monitor and ensure optimal tire pressure maintenance that would save time and costs in the long run.