The term “cheap and good” is hardly uttered these days since these two adjectives just don’t seem to like each other enough to stick together. So whenever something “cheap and good” comes about, it is almost as good as winning the lottery. Well, almost.

honor5c build

Anyway, the latest device from honor is just that. Cheap and good. This doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised, even when the price is made affordable. In fact, the honor 5C has premium flagship features and build, just like what you would find in a flagship device, sans the sky-high price. Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy body and brushed metal effect finishing, the honor 5C exudes class and functionality, with a build that aims to last.

honor 5c heat test

So, what does it mean for a device to be “built to last”? The honor 5C is not just simply slapped together, but was made according to Huawei’s stringent 3.1 quality assurance standards. In fact, the honor 5C was put through some pretty extreme tests to identify quality defects. For instance, not only was the drop test done at the usual 1m and 1.2m heights, the honor 5C was dropped at another 1.5m higher on top of that. In addition to a drop test, the honor 5C experienced a 130g/32mm steel ball impact test, 20,000 times port durability test, temperature and humidity test, rapid temperature changes thermal shock test, and even salt spray test for 24 hours instead of previous 8 hours. These over-the-top tests proves that Huawei takes quality control seriously in order to churn out a device that is well worth your dollar.

Building a phone to last is more than just focusing on the quality of the device. Aftersales plays a great part in making sure your device is always in top condition and any problems are nip in the bud. To honor Malaysia, aftersales service is a key component in its business offering, with customer service and customer experience being an integral part of device ownership. To cater to your needs, Huawei launched its first Exclusive Service Centre at Plaza Berjaya, Kuala Lumpur last year. This centre goes beyond providing a place for you to send in your device for repairs, but also serves as a direct communication between honor and you.

honor5c huawei

The best thing offer honor offers is a 1-to-1 exchange policy for the first 6 months from purchase date. Of course there will be terms and conditions to adhere to, but how many brands actually offer a 1-to-1 exchange? To top it off, honor even offers a door-step delivery service so you don’t even need to waste time to pick it up from the service centre.