After Maxis started offering discounts for purchasing Pokémon Go game credits, Digi is jumping into the Pokémon craze as well by offering 10% off in-app purchases on Google Play when you check out using Digi Billing. Unfortunately, iOS users will not be able to enjoy this offer since Digi doesn’t offer a postpaid billing option for the App Store. For prepaid users who have limited data quota, Digi has a PokéPlan for you at RM5/day that comprises of 500MB of data for all usage purposes, users can subscribe the plan via the MyDigi app or Digi Online.

Digi Billing has been available for a while now in Google’s Play Store that will allow the user to pay for apps using their billing account instead of a credit card, it is useful for those who doesn’t possess a credit card or simply don’t feel comfortable storing their credit card online, the option is automatically available upon checking out an app purchase on Google Play and users will only require to enter their Google Account password to confirm the transaction. If you are an avid Pokémon Go player and on Digi’s network, be sure to check this out and stay with the telco.




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