The last time we reported on the Nintendo NX, we were duped. This time though, the rumours seems to be a tad bit more legit as it appears that Eurogamer’s sources has managed to get a look at Nintendo’s upcoming console.

First off, the Nintendo NX appears to be a portable handheld console. The console itself will function as a high-powered handheld console with its own display. Two controllers are located at both ends of the console, and these controllers can be detached from the main unit. The NX will also feature a docking station that would allow you to connect the NX to the TV, allowing you to play your game on the TV itself. As for games, the NX’s physical media of choice will be cartridges.

Nintendo NX console will be a portable console with detachable controllers 1

Sources also say that the Nintendo NX will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processor. The NX will also run on a new operating system by Nintendo instead of the rumoured Android. Finally, because of the radical change in technology that the NX has, it is said that the console will not be supporting backwards compatibility.

With the reveal of the console currently scheduled for September, it won’t be long now until we get to see the Nintendo NX in the flesh.

Source: Eurogamer

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