If you happen to be out and about, you might actually notice that kids these days have easy access to mobile devices and parents tend to pass them smartphones to entertain them, but bad things tend to happen in the connected world and you really don’t want your kids to be lured into explicit content and eventually abuse the usage of a smartphone, that’s why Digi has came up with the Family Safety app, which is an all new initiative from the company to safeguard the usage of mobile devices, the app is currently available as a free download in the Google Play Store and will come to the Apple App Store at a later time, Digi customers will be able to enjoy a 30-day free trial of the app, which thereafter customers will need to pay RM5/month to enjoy the full features of the app.

The Digi Family App is fully featured and offers seven main features which comprises of detecting family member location, geo fencing, location check-ins, notifications of various events on a member’s smartphone, panic alert, parental control and phone security. What’s so impressive about the app is that it is fairly easy to use when compared to other solutions in the market, both the principal’s and member’s smartphone will need to have the app installed, while the principal user will only need to enter an SMS confirmation code that is sent to the member’s smartphone into the app to complete the pairing process, the principal user will then have the ability to monitor the member user’s activity, locate their whereabouts, block any apps at a certain time period and remotely wipe the smartphone should it be lost.

Despite being a Digi proprietary value added service, the Family Safety App will only require one principal member to be on Digi’s service while member users can user other telco data services to connect to the service, the app’s premium subscription will allow up to 7 devices and 20 safety areas to be connected and access to all of the app’s available features, while a freemium option is also available but is limited to two devices and safety areas with SOS Alert only. For more info, head on to www.digi.my/familysafety or download the app here. 


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