Xiaomi is seriously making anything that we can’t keep track of these days, more recently the company has made a pen that costs RMB19 (RM12), the Mijia Pen isn’t a stylus for your tablet and smartphone, but it is an everyday pen on your table that you use to write and scribble, it doesn’t even connect to the Internet as well. Some of you strong headed Mi fans may be disappointed that this isn’t any groudbreaking innovation breakthrough in writing equipment, the Mijia Pen uses a Swiss made PREMAC refill with Japanese Mikuni ink, which offers a smooth writing experience with an instant dry ink.

And why would Xiaomi want to make a Mi branded pen? That’s because the pen is supposed to be a door gift for tomorrow’s launch event and the pen represents a design that is in conjunction with the soon to be launched Redmi Pro smartphone, at least according to Xiaomi’s software engineer Sun Peng, who also gave a statement that the Redmi Pro is going to be a phone about great design, if you like it you’ll buy it or just leave it. Therefore, we are going to expect some different design on the company’s Redmi Pro launching tomorrow, and let’s hope it doesn’t look like the rest of the pack, we are keeping our hopes high and neutral at the same time.

SOURCE: MyDrivers

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