The slow and eventual march towards irrelevance continues for Flash as Twitch has begun testing its own HTML5 video player in a closed beta.

Starting from today, anyone that has a Turbo subscription will be able to join the closed beta. All you need to do is to toggle HTML5 on Twitch’s own player. Some of the benefits that HTML5 has over Flash includes faster load times, less CPU load, and consistent frame rates. Should the HTML5 player gives you grief, you can always toggle back to the current Flash player.

Twitch has explicitly stated that the HTML5 players is still strictly in beta, so glitches and bugs are to be expected. For those who aren’t selected for the beta test, Twitch is currently aiming to roll out the HTML5 player this summer. With Twitch dumping Flash within the next three months, Flash looks to be on its last leg.

Source: Twitch BlogEngadget


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