Much like many other car companies, BMW has visions of creating a self-driving car of its own. Also like many other car companies, BMW recognizes that they can’t do so by itself, which is why the automotive manufacturer has partnered up with Intel and Mobileye in their pursuit to create a self-driving car.

BMW roping in Intel and Mobileye to help develop its own self-driving car is a smart move for the German automotive company of course. Intel, as many have already know, has been hard at work developing machine learning and computer technology. The company has also been hard at work developing autonomous driving tech for years now. Mobileye is a computer vision/sensing company, and as such, will be working on the sensors and optics of the self-driving car.

For now, all three companies are looking to develop the necessary solutions and systems for highly and fully automated driving to bring these technologies into series production by 2021. In the meantime, these three companies will be currently working on a highly automated driving (HAD) prototype that is scheduled to debut in 2017.

Source: BusinessWire


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