Remember how Sony once advertised that the PlayStation 3 will have Linux support back when the console was first launched? Remember when Sony then released a patch that would remove said Linux support? Remember how Sony was hit with a class action lawsuit in California over that patch? Well, if you remembered those actions, then you probably would like to know that Sony has finally agreed to settle the lawsuit. 

After six years of litigation, Sony and lawyers representing as many as 10 million console owners have finally reached a deal on Friday. This deal would see “all persons in the United States who purchased a Fat PS3 model in the United States between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010” be eligible to receive USD 55 should they have used Linux on the console. Gamers who bought a PS3 based on Sony’s claims about ‘Other OS’ functionality would also be able to claim USD 9.

Sony to pay millions to settle the PlayStation 3 Other OS removal 2

In order to get the USD 55 payout though, the PS3 owner must submit proof that they have utilised the Linux feature on the PS3 as well as the proof of their purchase or serial number and PlayStation Network ID. Those who are looking at the USD 9 payout must submit a claim that they “knew about the Other OS, relied upon the Other OS functionality, and intended to use the Other OS functionality.” Alternatively, gamers can also get the USD 9 payout by attesting that “he or she lost value and/or desired functionality or was otherwise injured as a consequence of Firmware Update 3.21 issued on April 1, 2010.”

Just as a reminder, this settlement applies only to those who purchased a Fat PS3 during the duration stated above in the United States. This ruling does not apply outside the U.S..

Source: Ars Technica

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