Mozilla is looking to give itself a new look, and true to its open-source roots, it wants to do so alongside the community. This is why the company has launched an Open Design process in which the company seeks to “modernize its brand identity.” 

There will be four phases in this Open Design process, beginning with the “Creative Strategy” phase that would allow the community to suggests directions which Mozilla can use to “present itself anew to the world.” What this entails includes commenting on themes the company posts to say what you like or don’t, or submitting examples od designs that are done well.

Once the first phase is done, Mozilla will proceed to the concepting phase where the company will take a handful of concepts through design based on what the Mozilla team learned from gathering and vetting different ideas. This would provide Mozilla with a handful of first-round concepts which would then be refined and tested with Mozilla’s web properties, communities and external ad campaigns in their respective phases.

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An important thing to note is that the Mozilla isn’t exactly crowdsourcing the redesign. Mozilla’s redesign will be a strictly internal process as the Mozilla team believes that they will get better results from the call and response of design and review. That said, once the design has been finalized, all ideas generated by the design community will be considered open source and should be made available through Creative Commons.

Source: Engadget, Mozilla Blog